• USA company based in Southern California • Proven AV and integration industry experience (25 + years) • Strong technical and development team • Design and hardware manufacturer

• Morpheus is a server/player media capture and distribution system • Designed for consumers with easy install and setup wizards It’s compact in size and relies local storage • It’s based on Extreme High Bit Rate Technology (ExHBR) - High Quality / High performance / High reliability • Standalone or integrate into existing home automation and security systems • The client & server architectures are optimized & specifically configured for High Definition Audio & Video delivery

Our easy-to-use mobile app allows food trucks, mobile boutiques, rolling service providers, and other non-traditional small businesses to connect with customers, increase sales, and improve their bottom line. We’ve integrated patent-pending technology that connects instantly to customers through bluetooth beacons. With the push of a single button, thousands of customers throughout the city will be able to effortlessly discover and locate trucks.

Truck It's beacon platform is as simple as the push of a button. • Post Location • Post hours of operation • Post menu and photos • Post on Social Media • Send out push notifications


Provide Specialized Machine Learning Applications for image and video gathering hardware. • Software that processes image and video data so humans don’t have to.

•Feature detection machine learning software for networked cameras •Software that understands when and what users need to be warned of. Real concerns like trespassers and vandalism alert our users without false alarms. •Accounting for natural occurrences such as the time of day, day of the week, weather forecasts, workers scheduling, and other third party metrics if desired by the clientele. (User Configurability) •Scalability

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