Innovo Technology is a leading software and hardware development company focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). Four companies were acquired by Signature Devices, Inc. to form a new entity called Innovo Technology. Innovo Technology develops and manufactures devices for digital home media management under its Morpheus brand, location beacon and notifications under TruckIt, IoT hardware under its Knoton brands. The acquired entities are used to create a connected platform for the Internet of Things. The closing date for the transaction was February 1, 2017. Two of the four companies have revenue. Innovo Technology blends custom software and powerful hardware to create IoT-interconnected devices. Innovo Technology combines the best of the technologies underpinning the popular Morpheus media server; Knoton’s innovative hardware designs suitable for internet of things, home automation and GPS enabled devices; Truckit’s beacon platform with Artificial Intelligence based video analysis software. The Innovo Technology Platform is composed of Hardware and Software. The Hardware is designed to be extremely high quality. Some of the hardware is proprietary to Innovo Technology. The software is developed in-house and licensed from 3rd party and then integrated into a single platform. The in-house developed hardware and software is also a candidate for potential patents.

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Morpheus is a server/player media capture and distribution system. Designed for consumers with easy install and setup wizards. Morpheus systems provide the audio and video streams that are at the center of Home Automation systems working together with controllers such as Elan, Crestron and Control4 that automate lights, climate and doors to make complete the home automation experience.
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Truck IT
TruckIt is a beacon platform provider for the food truck industry based on Knoton Technology. The beacon technology simplifies the communication process between the food truck operator and its consumer with the simple touch of the button by creating geo-fenced push notifications via sms, phone calls, email or social media. With 100 beacons in the market currently, TruckIt is poised to be the clear leader in 12 to 18 months after its launch.
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Knoton is the division responsible for blockchain based IOT devices with supporting software to be used for many IOT based products. The portable device can be used for tracking one’s health, a pet’s location, a child tracker, smart home automation and other IOT services. The modular platform enables hardware developers to develop their own products using a library of sensor covering health, lifestyle and security.

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